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Special dryer for starchy residue

Capacity:  25.7-186.8(t/day)
Power: 55-300kw
Application: the potato, sweet potatoes, cassava and other agricultural products
  • Processing customized:yes
  • Product brand:DINGLI
  • Specifications:DLZG2912/3
  • Capacity:317.6 ton/ day
  • Power:155kw
  • Weight:76000kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
  • Plant Area :10m*24m

Starchy residue is the by-products which produced when the potato, sweet potatoes, cassava, and other agricultural products produce starch production, the moisture is about 80%, as for high moisture content, heavy viscosity, with the traditional drying process equipment, drying temperature is high, slag starch Gelatinization chemical reaction, dextrin clogging material particles pores, water evaporation does not come out, the particles surface turned yellowish black, "outside the coke within the soft", a serious impact on the sale of dry residue; drying temperature is low, the moisture cannot be drying below 15 % at all, dryer sticky wall, gelatinization, agglomeration, drying equipment can not do normal production,this will lead to the impaired interest of the customers. Dingli brand starch slag dryer is based on the research and development for characteristics of raw material such as cassava, potato slag, and after a few sets of dryer producing experience, which can dry all kinds of potato residue below 10% in one time. The equipment used by the company's "mechanical dehydration + drum drying + pulse air drying " special Chinese patent technology, an effective solution to the traditional dryer which can not dry cassava, potato residue problems, drying material with perfect color, good quality, production line of energy-saving and environmental protection ,with safe and stable operation,which praised by many new and old customers.


Material flow: 75-85% moisture content material first with special dehydration machine removing a part of moisture, the moisture removed around 68%, then send into the dryer by screw conveyor to realize downstream drying. Under the effect of the inner shoveling plate, materials are taken and scattered constantly, and move in the spiral forward method. Inside mixing blade device will be fully stirred and crushed material, material and hot air through full heat exchange, the rapid evaporation of water vaporization, reaching about 35%, discharged by the screw conveyor, then send into the semi-wet material crusher, crushed material size below 1mm, then into pulse air-drying process, the material quickly removed to 10% by the cyclone discharger and Pulse bag dust collector recovery dry powder, exhaust emissions amount to the national standard requirement, to complete the entire drying process. The drum cleaning device is installed inside the drum to prevent the material from adhering to the cylinder wall.

Air Flow: The air through hot blast stove fan inflating, the air enters into the hot blast stove for combustion heating. Its temperature reaches up to 600-850℃, then it is inhaled by the dryer induced draft fan absorted to dry material and evaporate water. Through the heat exchange  drying the material. When temperature decreases to 55-85℃, it is discharged out of the dryer. Wet dust are discharged on standard through the cyclone and the pulse dust collector purifying and emission.

High performance price ratio

It introduces novel and unique sealing device, and is matched with thermal insulation system of excellent effect, thus decreasing the coal consumption of the whole drying system.


Energy conservation

Dryer internal structure using a variety of high-lift board combination mode, effectively regulate the drying process and heat distribution, high heat utilization, exhaust gas discharge temperature is low.


Better quality

Rapid drying moisture reducing from 65-75% to 14-18% in one-time. Pasture temperature is always lower than 50 ℃, dried grass completely retained the nutrients of fresh pasture, bright color, smell fragrance.


Widely used

Supporting a variety of new energy-saving clean hot air blast stove, fuel can be diesel, gas, coal, wood, wood chips, straw etc. And efficient energy, heating controllable, simple operation, energy consumption decreased by as much as 30%, power consumption reduced by 20%, the operating cost is lower.

Model DLZG1208 DLZG1408 DLZG1610 DLZG2010/3 DLZG2210/3 DLZG2510/3 DLZG2512/3 DLZG2912/3
Input Capacity(t/day) 43.7 52.5 75.8 169.0 186.5 215.5 262.2 317.6
Output(t/day) 25.7 30.9 44.6 99.4 109.7 126.7 154.2 186.8
Evaporation Capacity(t/h) 0.75 0.90 1.30 2.90 3.20 3.70 4.50 5.45
Raw Material Moisture(%) (Mechanical dehydration to around 68%, and then dry by dryer)
Dried Material Moisture(%) 10% (adjustable)
Drying temperature(℃) 350-450℃
Total Power(kw) 55 75 95 140 170 210 260 300
Total Weight(kg) 25000 27000 28500 33500 38500 45000 60000 80000
Area 5m*20m 5m*20m 6m*22m 8m*25m 8m*25m 10m*28m 10m*30m 10m*30m
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