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Pomace Dryer

  • 【Capacity】: 30-300 t/d
  • 【Dried Material Moisture】:<12%

【Application】:It is mainly suitable for dehydration and drying of apple pomace, sugarcane bagasse, grape pomace, orange pomace, olive pomace, pear pomace, etc.

Introduction & Principle

The pomace dryer has a wide range of applications, mainly used in fruit processing plants, fruit and vegetable drying plants, food processing plants and other places. It is mainly suitable for dehydration and drying of apple pomace, sugarcane bagasse, grape pomace, orange pomace, olive pomace, pear pomace, etc.

Dingli rotary pomace dryer is to dry fresh pomace by hot air to reduce the moisture content to 12% for better storage or processing. Dingli pomace dryer is mainly composed of rotary hot air dryer, combustion furnace, feeding screw, discharging screw, conveying pipeline, dust collector, induced draft fan, control cabinet and so on.

The working process of Dingli pomace dryer:

The pomace with a water content of about 85% is transported into the rotary dryer after being driven by the belt dehydrator. In the cylinder, the lifting and falling of the lifting board is carried out by sufficient hot air contact for drying, and the size of the cylinder can be customized according to the moisture content and output of the material. After drying, the moisture content of the slag is about 12%. It can be directly packaged and sold as an animal feed additive. The economic value of waste pomace is improved.


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Model Capacity(T/D) Initial Moisture(%) Final Moisture(%) Drying Temperature (℃) Total Power(KW) Plant Area(㎡)
DLSG1212 40 60±5 ≤12 280±30 24 18*5
DLSG1415 70 32 21*5
DLSG1615 90 45 21*5
DLSG2210/3 120 69 18*6
DLSG2212/3 140 76 20*6
DLSG2512/3 180 96 20*7
DLSG2912/3 240 125 20*8


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