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BSF Larvae Dryer

  • 【Capacity】: 15-180 t/d
  • 【Dried Material Moisture】:12-15%

【Application】:Black soldier fly dryer is widely used for drying fly maggots, mealworms, barley worms, bsf, larvae, etc.

Introduction & Principle

The Insect Larvae Dryer is a new type of environmentally friendly energy-saving drying equipment developed and produced by Dingli. It can be used for drying materials such as black water fly, yellow mealworm, silkworm pupae, fly maggots, etc., with fast drying speed, high drying quality, and beautiful color after drying. It can maintain the original appearance, the water content is low after drying, the puffing effect is pronounced, it is easy to grind, and the effective ingredients are better retained. 

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Dryer is a drying equipment that uses low temperature steam to process black soldier flies in batches. After drying, the black soldier flies have beautiful color and can maintain a perfect appearance. After drying, the black soldier flies have low water content, are easy to grind, and the active ingredients are well preserved. It solves the problem of difficult disposal of kitchen waste and poultry manure, and reduces manure and organic waste. It can also generate biodiesel, organic fertilizer and high-protein feed through resource treatment technology, so as to turn waste into treasure. 



The fresh larvae enter the dryer and are evenly distributed on the drum feed plate and the tower tube rotation, and fully contact with the steam tube heat exchanger to achieve heat transfer, mass transfer, low temperature drying, water vaporization and dispersion. With the discharge of air, the material The moisture in the BSF gradually decreases, and the BSF completes the drying process.


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Model Capacity(T/H) Initial moisture(%) Final moisture(%) Drying temperature(℃) Total Power(kw)
DLSG1415 0.8-1.5 35-50 12-15 110-250℃ 25-35
DLSG1615 1.5-2.5 30-50
DLSG2212 2.5-4.5 40-60
DLSG2912 4.5-6 50-80
Note: Increase the external fin tube heat exchanger of the dryer, drying capacity and water evaporation capacity increased 40-80%.


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BSF Larvae Dryer结构图 BSF Larvae Dryer结构图

1. With the single rotary drum dryer of high mechanization degree,which resistance to overload ability, large processing capacity,it can be the characteristics of continuous operation;

2.Heating conduction oil (or steam) in the dryer after heat exchange, low temperature heat conduction oil (condensate water) back into the heat conduction oil furnace (steam boiler) through reheating,with circulation use,and make full use of heat and no loss, drying energy consumption is lower than common dryers of 20-40%;

3. The heat conduction oil (steam) drying drum dryer belongs to indirect heating mode, do not contact directly material and heat source, drying process with closed operation,the material after drying is clean without any pollution;

4. 110-250 ℃ drying process temperature can adjust according to the material properties,which can be used in a downstream drying process,it also can use counter flow drying process,which belongs to the low temperature, constant temperature drying,which the material drying process is more secure;

5. Good structure and simple operation,the material through cylinder with small resistance,smooth running and easy operation.

6.Wide application range and good uniformity of product drying.


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